Name Location Model Link  
Adwo Heintjes Holland Evo II  
Bryan R. Seastead USA US Spec  
Calvin Le USA US Spec Calvin NEW March 04
Carmelo Di Fede USA US Spec  
Chris Cone USA US Spec cone
Daniel B USA US Spec  
Daniel Weyl Germany Cecotto  

Darran Payne

UK Cecotto  
Dave Swernoff USA US Spec  
Dave Clark Germany Euro Spec  
Erik Brannfors USA US Spec  
Gary Dees USA US Spec  
Gary Morgan UK Sport Evo  
Giovanni Go Philippines US Spec  
Graeme Duncan UK Cabrio  
Jack Siembab USA US Spec  
Jeff J. and Bry USA US Spec  
John Asuncion Philippines US Spec  
John Warrington UK Euro Spec / Sport Evo  
Jon Thelen USA US Spec  
Joseph Schifini USA US Spec  
L. James Liu USA Cabrio james
Magnus USA US Spec  
Markus Glaum Germany Euro Spec markus
Marvin Fulgencio USA US Spec  
Mel USA US Spec  
Michael Bryzek USA US Spec (E36)  
Mike Swale USA US Spec  
Ted Whitney USA US Spec  


BMW-related websites hosted by Bay Area Motorsport:

Site Location Focus Address  
Bay E30 Network SF Bay Area, CA, USA E30 3-series 1984-1991  
Bay Bimmerz SF Bay Area, CA, USA All BMWs  
M3 Power Network Southern CA, USA E30 M3  


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